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10 Relatable Comic Strips That Capture the Woes of Adulthood

These comics capture exactly what it’s like to be an adult in a real but adorable way.

Adulthood Feature

Let’s be honest — adulthood is nothing like any of us expected it to be as children. It’s chaotic and messy and while it has its moments, it can sometimes be downright shitty. These ingenious comics from artists and illustrators online capture the many plights of being an adult who isn’t ready for adulthood in hilarious and brutally honest ways. Take a look!

1. The state of being perpetually broke. 

Source: Sarah’s Scribbles

2. Utter relief in the form of a text message.

Source: Mari Andrew

3. When life gets in the way.

Source: Loryn Brantz

4. The work never seems to end. 

5. When the head and the heart don’t agree. 

Source: The Awkward Yeti

6. And you only find solace in the pages of a book. 

Source: Caro Martini

7. Let’s not forget how there never seems to be any room for relationships.

Source: Mari Andrew


8. Or sleep, for that matter. 

9. You’ve mastered denial at this point. 

Source: Sarah’s Scribbles

10. And despite the crippling exhaustion, you still don’t know how to make the right decisions.

Source: Chrostin

Don’t worry, though. It’ll only last the rest of your life! 

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