4 Crazy Punisher Facts That Will Blow Your Mind.

The Punisher is one of the most volatile superhero in the history of both Marvel and DC combined. His no nonsense approach, and his will to get the job done is one of the reason why he is one of the most feared superhero. According to the marvel universe, he has till date killed an astonishing 48,502 people,  a number that would even put the greatest super villains to shame.

Following are some crazy facts about the punisher


1-The Punisher Almost Killed The Joker

The Joker hardly loses when it comes to mind games. Even when his plans does go south, you won’t see him making a fuss about it, you would rather see him smile! After all, the Joker has cut his teeth in the top league of chaos, that’s kind of his thing. He does know that Batman plays by the rules and killing someone isn’t his forte.

But the Punisher isn’t Batman. Joker learned this the hard way in the 1990s crossover issue Deadly Knights.

Frank Castle always has a .45 caliber trick up his sleeve and he is all ready to end the nightmare, no more a truck full of soldiers being blown up for fun. The Joker has killed a lot of people and Frank Castle knows that he will not stop. The Punisher isn’t the best when it comes to having mercy on mass murderers, especially for a homicidal maniac. So when the Punisher puts a gun on this head, the Joker knows that he isn’t kidding. He can see it in his eyes, which sends a shiver down Joker’s spine.

Luckily for the Joker, the Batman rescues him and Joker lives to see another day.


2-The Punisher Actually Wanted To Be A Priest.

You heard that right! The Punisher intended to be a priest and even rolled up in the seminary. Francis Castiglione aka Frank Castle aka The Punisher began to doubt his calling when he couldn’t forgive people for their sins. He realized that people who came and confessed to him about sins weren’t actually sorry and the one’s who broke the commandments made him sick to his stomach. So he left priesthood and joined the Navy where he underwent the SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) and UDT (underwater demolition team) training. He actually got nicknamed the Punisher as he was so merciless against his enemies.


3-The Punisher Kills The Entire Marvel Universe

In the comic, which is titled “Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe” written by Garth Ennis, the Punisher kills the entire marvel universe because they refuse to admit any responsibility for the death of his family. So when Cyclops does go to apologize, the Punisher kills him by putting a bullet in his head. He later kills Hawkeye and Shadowcat and is severely wounded in the fight with wolverine and only survives because Colossus intervenes.

With the help of an old man Kesserling, he goes on the rampage of killing the entire Marvel Universe, with the last of his victims being Daredevil. After viciously stabbing him in the chest, he discovers the identity of the Daredevil, who was his friend Matt Murdock. After his killing spree ends, he finally puts a bullet in his own head.


4-Frank Castle Is A Fan Of Captain America


One of the reason why the Punisher hates the concept of superheroes is because they fail to get their jobs done, while the price is paid by civilians. However, Punisher happens to be quite a fan boy of the shield-wielding solider. Simply put, the Punisher believes that Captain America is the only real hero.  After all he joined the military because of Captain America’s legacy.In the Civil War comics, the Punisher and Captain America are at odd ends when Punisher executes known criminals Goldbug and Plunderer. Captain America loses his mind and starts mercilessly beating Frank into a pulp. When the leader of the avengers tells Frank to fight back, Frank only says one thing to Cap: “Not against you.” After Civil War, Frank even made alterations to his costume in homage to his hero.

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