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5 Contemporary Online Stores Every Accessory Enthusiast Will Adore

The best part? You can shop at these websites without spending all your savings!

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If you love accessories as much as we do, then you’ve come to the right place. From uber-bohemian ring sets to unique septum rings, these homegrown online stores will make all of your Pinterest dreams come true. Take a look!

1. Celestial Kitten

An ethereal amalgamation of unicorn-themed vibrancy and some unique bohemian jewellery, Celestial Kitten is as quirky as it sounds. Thier products are both eclectic and relevant to current trending styles. (Essentially, if Tumblr art were to take form as an online store, it would be Celestial Kitten.) With great products, COD delivery services, and undeniably reasonable prices, we hope to see this little gem get better recognition.

2. Blur

An avant-garde portal to fulfill all your geometric aesthetic fantasies, Blur is the best place to find alternative accessories. From idiosyncratic eyewear to statement necklaces, they’ve got it all covered. FYI, if you’re someone who has a soft spot for platform shoes, you cannot afford to miss out on their collection.

3. Quirksmith

True to its name, Quirksmith blends quirky designs with artistry and skill beautifully. If you enjoy statement jewellery, you will find some of the most uniquely desi designs here. They’re best known for their silver jewellery and nose ring & pin designs.

4. Pipa + Bella

Pipa + Bella has discovered the small sliver of space between ethnic and contemporary, and we’re thankful for it. They deliver some of the most idyllic designs at extremely resonable rates. From chunky statement rings to layered necklaces, they’ve got an idiosyncratic sense of style. If you’re one for DIY, they even have an option on their website to customise your own necklaces and bracelets.

5. Sick Pluto

Sick Pluto, previously known as Skating Duck, is a hipster’s paradise. From badass chokers to pastel-themed sunglasses, they have all the answers to your Pinterest-inspired dreams. We’re particularly fond of their unique collection of septum rings, so go and check them out! Thank us later.

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