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5 Extraordinary Online Stores That Will Finally Soothe Your Geeky Soul

Take a look at some of the best online brands for fan merch out there.

It’s a good time to be a geek, indeed! In the Age of the Internet, every niche has an extensive portal to discover and explore a plethora of merchandise catering to specific fandoms. What’s difficult is finding the right stores to satiate your particular geekiness. Here are some incredible Indian merchandising brands that provide just the right kind of geeky goodies you’re looking for. Take a look!

1. Planet Superheroes

If you’re someone who would rather exist in Asgard or a galaxy far, far away, then Planet Superheroes is the place for you. Be it limited edition action figures or your favourite DC/Marvel character on a t-shirt, this website has you covered. Check it out.

Our picks: Their adorkable Funko Pop keychains. 

2. Macmerise

Another leading website in the superhero merch genre, Macmerise has some of the most creative geeky trinkets we’ve seen so far. From unique superhero-themed pen drives to beautifully designed phone and laptop covers, this is where you’re bound to spend all your allowance.

Our picks: Their Iron Man themed pen drive.

3. The Souled Store

Along with a wide range of uber-cool designs bound to empty your wallet, The Souled Store also has a number of geeky products awesome enough to drive any fanboy/fangirl insane. From a large spectrum of Harry Potter merch to some fresh Guardians of the Galaxy stuff, there’s a lot to choose from.

Our picks: Their geeky stationary. 

4. Bombay Trooper

Bombay Trooper has some of the quirkiest clothing items we’ve seen. Along with great quality fan merch, they also have a knack for adding hilarious twists to their geeky products. If you happen to order something from this website — which you should — make sure you check out their t-shirt collections!

Our picks: Their “Swagrid” t-shirt.

5. Hobbygiri

Hobbygiri’s geeky collection takes the phrase ‘smart is the new sexy’ to a whole new level. With t-shirts sporting clever engineering and networking puns and some of the most detailed movie/comic book-themed keychains and accessories we’ve seen, this site is definitely worth checking out.

Our picks: Their puntastic t-shirts.

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