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Beyond Food & Drink: 5 Fun Mumbai Eateries With Board Games & More

Make sure you visit these places for your next group night out!

5 Fun Board Games Cafe & More in Mumbai

In the recent years, Mumbai’s drinking and dining culture have evolved immensely, with a bevy of pop-up cafes, bars, and quirky eateries emerging in the suburbs. When selecting a place to hang out, we usually prioritize food, ambiance, and perhaps music. But a wave of eateries with board games have embedded their roots in the city, taking your dining experiences a step further. If you’re looking for a fun night out with your friends full of laughs and a little competition, check these places out!

1. Jamjar Diner

Jamjar’s ambiance is an amalgamation of your archetypical old-school diner decor and Indian contemporary influences. Somehow, it works beautifully. They have great burgers and salads, along with a sizeable selection of board games and books. You can enjoy your food over a friendly game of Pictionary or Scrabble or play a round of Taboo as you wait for their infamous Flower Pot Surprise.

2. Hoppipola

Hoppipola is a bar and cafe in Khar, along Linking Road. The place has been a beacon to Mumbai youths since its launch and is reasonably crowded on weekends. But if you find yourself looking for a nice place to get brunch and cocktails, ch.eck this place out. Hoppipola has a variety of board games and drinking games for your indulgence, along with some chalk for you to doodle on the tables with. There won’t be a single boring moment here, that’s for sure.

3. Gostana

With a warm décor and a homely aura, Gostana is a quaint little cafe near Linking Road. If you’re a music enthusiast, you will dig the decor here — the walls are adorned with pin-up posters of iconic musicians and colourful fairy lights add to the already cozy atmosphere. Gostana also has a small collection of books and card games for you to enjoy while you wait for their delicious food to arrive. If you’re looking for a fun little hole in the wall to disappear into with your friends for a few hours, you’ve found it.

4. Doolally Taproom
Andheri & Bandra

Doolally is a local brewery originally from Pune. It has branches in Andheri and Bandra in Mumbai, both popular for the amicable atmosphere and the many table games that the brewery hosts. Whether it’s over a nerve-wracking game of Jenga or a bodacious round of Cards Against Humanity, you will have a good time at Doolally. Don’t forget to try their house fries with the eclectic array of unlimited dips!

5. Teapot Cafe

Teapot Cafe is a comfortable little establishment originally from Kochi. The living room-esque vibe of this place deems it one of the coziest spots in the city. Not to mention the fact that the cafe has a number of table games you can play — from Spoons to Poker. Head to this adorable cafe this weekend for a fun afternoon.

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