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5 Indian Women in Comedy You Should Definitely Know About

Check out these incredible comedians for some good laughs to get you through the week!

Female Comedians

It’s true that there are few female comedians in India to begin with — at least compared to the men, but the female comedians that we do have, are phenomenal. From the realities of lingerie shopping to normalising women’s “issues” that are considered taboo, they’ve covered much ground, quite thoroughly and hilariously. Take a look at these uber-funny, talented Indian comedians, who also happen to be women.

1. Aditi Mittal

A popular name in Indian comedy, Aditi Mittal is bold, unabashed, and unequivocally hilarious. Although nearly every stand-up routine of hers has us relating super hard and giggling away ceaselessly, she’s famous for her contribution to AIB’s Comedy Central Roast. If you’re one for a quick chuckle than a fit of laughter, take a look at her Twitter — it’s as entertaining as it is sassy.

2. Sumukhi Suresh

Sumukhi Suresh has an honest and cheeky style that is both fiercely clever and exceedingly entertaining. You might recognise her from the web series, Better Life Foundation or her Behti Naak sketches — which we’ve become fast fans of — where she plays a disgruntled, headstrong, and mildly sinister child called Behti with verbal diarrhoea and a runny nose. Take a look at one of them below!

3. Punya Arora

Punya Arora is a comedian and photographer based in Bangalore. She is also the undeniable queen of observational comedy. Her stand-up routines will have you going, “YES, that’s literally me!” between fits of laughter. Check out her routine below where she makes the simple act of putting on a bra seem absurd and hilarious.

4. Kaneez Surka

Well-known for the feminist themes in her comedic material and her incredible improv skills, Kaneez Surka is an improv, sketch, and stand-up comedian. You may know her from her TV show The Week That Wasn’t and the recent AIB Women’s Day sketch that went viral. Kaneez has a bold, sarcastic voice that makes her a pretty idiosyncratic addition to the Indian comedy scene. Take a look at her clever sketch about an IPL anchor audition below.

5. Mallika Dua

Quirky and relatable, Mallika Dua talks about everything a quintessential Indian girl is thinking, garnering some genuine laughs on the way. She only recently launched her own YouTube channel; it doesn’t have any content yet, but we’re certain it will soon. You can subscribe to it here! Watch her in AIB’s popular Women’s Day sketch with her fellow female comedians below.

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