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The 5 Kinds of Friends You Make in Your Twenties 

We all have at least one of these friends!

The 5 Kinds of Friends You Make in Your Twenties 

Adult friendships are precarious things. The rose-coloured innocence of your childhood has disappeared and it’s difficult to find people you just click with. And if you’re lucky enough to find somebody, it’s even harder to keep in touch. Having been born and brought up in Mumbai, I’ve recognized patterns in Indian urban youths that probably many of you have, as well. If you’re a young professional in a sizable city, you’ll recognize these behavioral patterns. Here’s five kinds of friends you will maybe, probably, definitely make in your twenties.

1. The Old Soul (A.K.A “The Grandmother”)

This person was born middle-aged. While they may be inherently funny with their dry humour and sardonic quips, they have been known to stay in for weeks without requiring social interaction. They’re compassionate and loyal friends, but they’d just much rather spend the night watching Netflix or hanging out with a pet than going out to a bar. The good thing is, with their ugly sweaters and thick rimmed glasses also comes an aura of wisdom. If you’re looking for sound advice, they’ve got your back.

Can be found: Watching cat videos online or cleaning up after their drunk friends.

2. The Social Butterfly

As the name suggests, the Social Butterfly perfectly demonstrates how man is indeed, a social animal. This kind of friend seems to have an endless well of energy. After an entire day of running about at work, they somehow manage to make the most of the night by partying it up and then showing up for the same grind the next day. Whenever you ask them what they’re doing after work, their answers range from, “Oh, it’s my friend’s birthday,” to “I have this house party to attend.” They have at least five “best friends” and an endless roster of upcoming events to attend. But when they do have enough time for you in their busy lives, you better prepare yourself for one hell of a night.

Can be found: Trying to get their friends hammered and often being the life of the party.

3. The Noncommittal Ghost

It’s hard enough to keep track of your friends as an adult, it’s even harder when your friends have a tendency to disappear for weeks at length. The Noncommittal Ghost is the friend that chooses to haunt you about once a month to update you on their lives and let you know they’re alive. When you do catch up, it’s always like old times — comfortable and full of silly laughs and stories. But apart from that, the only portal into their lives you have is Facebook, where you occasionally stalk their latest adventure.

Can be found: Listening to obscure music, lost in their own world. 

4. The Messquerade 

This person seems to have it all figured out. They have a super avant-garde vibe and are often seen as trendsetters. “Been there; done that” is their mantra. Offbeat clothes and indie music are right up their alley. You never see them outside of their comfort zone and they seem completely confident in knowing who they are. Until, that is, you get closer to them and the hot mess starts to unravel. The Messquerade isn’t more put together than everyone else; they’re just better at hiding it. That’s alright, though. None of us know what we’re doing half of the time.

Can be found: Revealing deep secrets over their fourth vodka tonic or marijuana joint. 

5. The Worrier

This particular millennial has 99 problems all year-round. Whether they’re job-related, relationship-related, or Pluto not being a planet-related, they’re always in a constant state of “FML.” The Worrier is perpetually busy, and whenever you do end up meeting them, the conversations usually start with, “Bro, I can’t even…”  If you want to see them loosen up, you better get them sufficiently drunk. Although, you might have to prepare for some drunken tears.

Can be found: Drowning their sorrows in one 30ml glass of Old Monk because they have work the next day and “can’t afford to get crazy, man!”

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