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5 Magical Harry Potter-Themed Weddings Even Muggles Will Appreciate

These gorgeous weddings will make you want to say, “Accio, life-partner!”

Harry Potter-themed Weddings

Theme weddings have been all the rage recently, and even though it’s been years since the Harry Potter books and movies came out, fans of the franchise still find ways to let their ardour live and grow. Harry Potter-themed weddings are perfect examples of this. Wonderfully quirky and unexpectedly beautiful, these weddings will make you wish you were getting married.

1. Cassie & Lewis’ Wedding 

Cassie and Lewis’ tasteful and classic wedding proves that theme weddings, especially Potter-themed weddings can be as sophisticated and grandiose as any upscale wedding, if not more. The wedding took place in Machester’s Midland Hotel, and was detail-oriented as can be, with “Mischief Managed” cuff-links to bouquets made out of actual Harry Potter book pages. Take a look at some of the stunning photographs from the wedding below!

2. Spectra & Sawyer’s Wedding

A different take on the Potter-theme, Spectra and Sawyer’s wedding was more rustic, country-esque, and remarkably reminiscent of the Burrow. With a Honeydukes candy buffet, butterbeer, and of course, magic wands, and adorable owl decorations, it looks like an enchanting affair.

3. Meredith & Joshua’s Wedding

Meredith Fahey and Joshua Votaw had always bonded over their love for all things geeky. So when it came to planning their wedding, they decided to take their enthusiasm a step further by planning an adorable little Harry Potter-themed wedding. “Our vision was that it would be a wedding that could take place within the ‘Harry Potter’ universe, which we think added to the classic look, helping us stay clear of the cheesy factor,” Meredith says in this article.

4. Christine & Andy’s Wedding

Christine and Andy are geeky couple goals, considering the fact that the two actually met because of their love for Harry Potter. Both enthusiasts connected online, through a post about Harry Potter news. If that doesn’t guarantee a Potter-themed wedding, we don’t know what does. Their impeccable decorations including a Sorting Hat, Godric’s Hollow-like scenery, an actual, functional Hogwarts Express, and a ceremony in the Forbidden Forest.

5. Cindy & Matt’s Wedding

Cindy and Matt’s fairytale-like Potter-themed wedding is an ethereal dream come true. Hosted in the Hollywood Castle in Los Angeles, they’ve got the Hogwarts part of the franchise down. With a Marauder’s Map invitation, the guests cosplaying in Hogwarts robes, and floating candles placed artfully in the ceiling, this wedding is one of the most picturesque ones so far. Take a look!

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