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5 Mumbai Breweries to Check Out This Weekend

Looking for a place to hang out this weekend? We’ve got you covered.

5 Mumbai Breweries to Check Out This Weekend

The heat in Mumbai is prevalent and monsoons couldn’t get here sooner. But until they do, we have a quick fix for you. Whether you’re a craft beer fanatic or just someone who enjoys a cold brewski on a hot day, there are several local craft breweries in Mumbai to keep you sated. From crisp ciders to refreshing pilsners, find the beer that pleases your taste buds at these Mumbai breweries.

1. Doolally

Where: Andheri, Bandra
Must try: The apple & mango ciders with the house fries.

Doolally is a local brewery originally from Pune. It has branches in Andheri and Bandra in Mumbai, both popular for the amicable atmosphere and the many table games that the brewery hosts. Whether it’s over a nerve-wracking game of Jenga or a bodacious round of Cards Against Humanity, you will have a good time at Doolally. They’re famous for their ciders and have a good collection of craft beer. Don’t forget to try their house fries with the eclectic array of unlimited dips!

2. Brewbot

Where: Andheri
Must try: Skywalker (especially if you’re a Star Wars fan)

Brewbot is an artisanal craft beer pub in Andheri West. The ambience of the pub is perhaps one of the best things about it, apart from its delectable beer. They have a pretty sizable menu and their beers are brewed from scratch right in front of the consumers. If you’re looking for a fun place with great energy and an upbeat environment, this is the place to go.

3. The Barking Deer

Where: Lower Parel
Must try: The Belgian Wit

The Barking Deer is an uber-quirky brewery in Lower Parel. With a classic old-school pub atmosphere and probably the best kababs you will ever have, this place makes for a well-rounded experience. If you’re looking for a night full of life and laughter and music, there’s no better place than The Barking Deer.

4. The White Owl 

Where: Lower Parel
Must try: American pale ale with the mac & cheese.

One of the most popular breweries in the country, White Owl knows how what they’re doing. They have a pretty extensive range of craft beers to choose from, each with a unique essence and taste. If you’re a craft beer aficionado, then you will enjoy this place immensely.

5. Gateway Brewing Co.

Where: Available across several bars/pubs/restaurants in Mumbai
Must try: The White Zen

While the Gateway Brewing Company doesn’t have their own establishment, it’s worth going to any one of the restaurants across the city to try their beer. Try spots like Olive, Woodside Inn, The Beer Cafe, and more to try their beer. A true homage to the Gateway of India, this brewery strives for Indian authenticity with their beer. Make sure you sip on the classic White Zen hefeweizen if you decide to try their brewskis.

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