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5 Quotes From Fight Club Which Which Will Make You Question Your Mindset.


Fight Club is one of the most mind-twisting, thought-provoking, and all in all a surprisingly crazy movie with a great story plot. It’s one of those movies that everybody should definitely watch. If you think this is just another flick about people fighting, then you’re in for a surprise. It’s a reflection of the society and a depiction of truth of how we have become slaves to it. We have forgotten things that carry real value in our life. We have become materialistic; we only value the things that the society tells us to.

Fight Club is not only thought provoking but it will make you contemplate your own mind set. A David Fincher masterpiece, it is visually stimulating, has a brilliant plot and an amazing ending, not to mention the brilliant character development which makes it a must-watch movie.

Tyler Durden is such an inspiring character. The best part about him is that he doesn’t tell you the good motivational stuff, but the ice cold truth. His words and ideas will make you question the society’s “status quo”. Fight Club is a movie with an underlying deep hidden message, it will make you think about your life. Are you living the way you really want to? Sometimes movies can be inspiring, it can have a huge impact on our perception.

Some movies have few good quotes but this is one of those where almost everything you come across makes a damn good quote,

Here are the top 6 Fight Club quotes

P.S- Thank you Chuck Palahniuk for this masterpiece

fight club
fight club
fight club
fight club
fight club

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