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5 Telltale Signs That You Live Inside Your Head 

Zoning-out is basically your middle name.

The world is full of different people, each with their own idiosyncratic personalities. Amidst extroverts who do and introverts who plan, there are dreamers – like me. I’ve been told several times throughout my life that I “need to get out of my head” and while this is sound advice, there’s a small part of me that will always be a dreamer. If you’re someone who often finds themselves wrapped up in their own thoughts rather than the events happening around you, then you’re probably like me. Here’s are a few signs that’ll tell you if you live inside your head:

1. You often plan elaborate conversations in your head

This isn’t something you consciously do. Sometimes, after an aggravating conversation or before a difficult discussion, you find yourself anticipating what the person will or would say, which leads to a rather fleshed-out exchange in your head. For those suffering from this kind of subconscious bickering – it’s okay. Many people do this and it doesn’t make you strange. Just remember to say exactly what’s on your mind and try not to premeditate conversations too much. (It’s easier said than done, I’m aware.)

2. You’re not the most observant person

Don’t get me wrong. When you’re assigned a task or take something up that matters to you, you will get it done thoroughly. This doesn’t have anything to do with your ability to be detail-oriented. This has more to do with not being as aware of your surroundings as other people. This also leads to you knocking into things and being generally clumsier than most people.

3. You have a colourful imagination

One of the perks that come with living inside your head is that you can navigate and manipulate your imagination in the most creative ways. This also gives you a creatively intuitive edge and gives you an affinity for artistic endeavors in life. You’re good at creating entire fictional worlds and have a knack for storytelling – whether it’s through words or any other medium. Cultivate your imagination. As a dreamer, it’s one of your strongest attributes.

4. You find yourself zoning out a lot

You’ve often heard your friends complain about you not paying attention. This isn’t because you’re too busy typing away frenzied texts or can’t bother to give them your undivided attention. It’s simply because a part of your mind is always somewhere else; wandering around in the vast galaxy of your own thoughts. A seemingly irrelevant thing can sometimes lead you into a long and consuming train of thought, giving you a well-deserved reputation for spacing out.

5. You’re never really bored by yourself

Your mind is a cohesive spectrum of thoughts and floating fragments. You can spend time making mental lists, daydreaming, or simply getting lost inside your head without feeling bored. This lets you enjoy your own company and get to know yourself a lot better than most people might. It’s a rare quality; cherish it!

Are you someone who hangs out in your own head too much? Tell us your story down in the comments!

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