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5 Telltale Signs That You’re an Old Soul

You may be young in years, but your soul is an ancient one.

Forever is composed of nows.” ~ Emily Dickinson

You know who you are. You’re often dubbed “odd” or a “little strange”, even when you were a child. Sounds familiar? That’s because you’re an old soul stuck inside a young person’s body. It’s not a bad thing; it is, however, a very rare thing. Old souls are people who are remarkably self-aware and comfortable in their knowledge of what they don’t know. For them, wisdom isn’t about knowing everything; it’s about recognizing their own limited knowledge and seeking to learn more. If you’re someone who feels ahead of their years, take a look at these signs. You might just be an old soul.

1. Solitude doesn’t scare you.

You’re not afraid to spend time in your own company and you never have. You can spend hours reading, cooking, cleaning, or doing other mundane tasks — perfectly content. Instances of deep introspection or weekends in don’t scare you because you’re in no hurry to live a “happening” life. You know there’s more to your existence than that and you’re at peace when you spend this quality time with your own thoughts.

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2. Your worldview is very idiosyncratic.

You perhaps noticed this about yourself some time during your adolescence. You see the world slightly differently than other people. You see the big picture and don’t resonate with people who chase instant gratification in everyday situations. The passing trends don’t mean much to you and you find yourself empathizing with people you don’t even know. While this makes you a great friend and companion, it can mean that you open yourself up to a lot of emotion without any support system to fall back on.

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3. You enjoy conversations about life and philosophy.

You like talking about a variety of topics, but discussions about life and things beyond the daily grind interest you the most. You can spend numerous hours reading up on philosophy and thrive on conversations that revolve around the meaning of existence. Essentially, anything that opens up possibilities about the fundamentals of the world is abundantly interesting to you.

4. You’re in touch with your spiritual side.

You started feeling in tune with the spiritual aspect of your personality at a young age. While your peers discussed movies and TV shows, you tried to figure out how to connect with your higher self. This aspect of your personality may not be a dominant one, but it does influence how you perceive people and situations in life. This spiritually inclined side of you also adds a sense of tranquility to your personality and makes you more sensitive to energies in your environment.

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5. You just feel older than your actual age.

Not only do you get along with people much older than you, there’s an intrinsic part of your self that feels profoundly older than you are. Don’t let doubt convince you that you’re being silly or making it up. Old souls are some of the most perspicacious people on earth. You’re not afraid of aging and live life in the moment while having a wide perspective on where you’re heading. Enjoy your time in the flesh, ancient one.


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