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5 Terrifying Things You Realise When You Graduate from College

It’s time to start adulting!

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Nothing strikes true fear in the heart of a college student like the word, “graduation.” It marks the end of an era, a significant milestone in your life, the beginning of your life as an adult. The thing is, though, that none of us are prepared for it, no matter how much our institutions try to convince us that we are. So, class of 2017ers, if the following things seem familiar to you, we hope you can take solace in knowing that you’re not alone in the seemingly pit-less abyss that is post-graduation.

1. You realise that you’re really, truly on your own.

As much as it sucked sometimes, college provided you with a sense of safety that let you exist in this bubble far away from the actual adult world. Not to mention the fact that you had your parents to fall back on if anything went awry. You could still pass off as a “teenager,” or “student” and nobody could truly hold you accountable for anything. That’s the thing about college, though, once your parents have exhausted their savings in a ridiculously expensive institution, they pretty much go cold-turkey on you and expect you to start supporting and taking care of yourself, stat.

2. You haven’t actually learnt anything useful.

You realise that you probably should have spent some time developing some useful skills, instead of memorising the college canteen menu or cheap alcohol labels. Not only do you not have an aptitude for anything useful or creative, the education your parents spent the aforementioned fortune on is pretty much useless in the real world.

3. Let alone how to get and keep a job.

Yes, it’s true. This is when you’ll need to start working in earnest. You probably thought that all these years of slogging away at school, and then at college would at least grant you some peace and rest, wouldn’t it? No such luck, friend. According to your parents, some of your peers have already started lining up their prospective opportunities, and you’re expected to do the same. Don’t worry, though. Almost everyone your age is probably in the same boat, trying their hardest not to drown.

4. You’ll have to actually start making and spending your own money.

Leaving your comfort zone is scary, but leaving behind all the perks it came with is even scarier. Not only do you have to start making your own dough, you have to use that same money to buy your own things — and things. Are. Expensive. The good thing is that Indian parents don’t expect their kids to move out immediately after college, but if you’re an unfortunate little brown young adult that’s expected to live on your own, then things are undeniably harder for you.

5. You probably won’t see most of your friends anymore.

This is perhaps the scariest thing on your mind during graduation. This is when you’ll experience separation anxiety at its worst. The only thing worse than going through adulthood is going through it alone. Your friends have all selected their separate paths in life, and many of them don’t seem to coincide with yours. But that’s okay, because the friends that truly give a rat’s ass about you, will find a way to stick around, nonetheless.

But not everything is gloom and dread in the world of adulting. There will be ups and downs and nights spent lying exhausted in bed from working too hard and caring too much, but it’s all part of the experience. And it’s alright because nobody else has any idea what they’re doing, either. So go forth, clueless one, into the beginning of the rest of your life. Happy Graduation!

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