5 Times Reality Replicated “The Simpsons”

Most of us may think of fortune tellers as con men who play on the gullibility of a common man. They come in all forms, from palm readers to tarot reading, we have them all. Yet, there is one guy who has accurately predicted the biggest events of the future and takes no credit for it all. Matt Groening, the creator of the famous American show “The Simpsons” has accurately predicted the future since 1989 and which has led to the suspicion that Matt Groening could actually be a time traveller.


Following are the predictions that were made by Matt Groening on the show “The Simpsons”

  1. The Donald Trump Prediction


Predicted- 2000

Came True – 2016

In the episode “Bart of the Future” of Season 11, Bart enters the future and finds his sister, Lisa, to be the president of the United States. She inherited the country from (No prizes for guessing) Donald Trump who left the country broke.

I guess he is half way there.


2 – Disney takes over Fox


Predicted -1998

Came True -2017

In the episode “When you wish upon a star”, Homer wrote a script which he wanted to give to producer Brian Glazer. The beginning of the scene shows the iconic fox logo with the line “A Division of Walt Disney Co.”

It took 19 years for that to happen as Disney bought Fox Studios and their assests for a whopping $66 billion.


3-Siegfried and Roy’s Tiger Attack

Predicted –  1993

Came True- 2013

In the episode “$pringfield”, Mr Burns opens a casino after gambling was legalized in the city of Springfield. Famous magicians Siegfried and Roy were performing their routine trick when their white tiger attacked both of them. Tragically, in real life, the white Bengal tiger attacked Roy which resulted in him being paralysed, effectively ending his career.


4-  Introduction of Facetime


Came True-2010

In the episode “Lisa’s wedding”, when Lisa travels to the future, Lisa talks to her mother over a video chat. The concept then came to life when IPhone introduced the “Facetime feature” after 15 years.


5- The God Particle Theory


Came True-2012

This is perhaps the biggest prediction that must have arrived till date. The God particle (also known as Higgs Boson) was first introduced by Francois Englert and Peter Higgs.  In ”The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”, Homer becomes an inventor in an attempt to follow in the footsteps of Thomas Edison. So, the formula that Homer wrote on a blackboard accurately predicted the mass of the Higgs Boson. When the officials contacted the director, he stated that a few of his script writers were actually mathematicians and sneaked the formula in!

The experiment to prove as to how the universe works didn’t come for cheap as it was valued at over $13.25 billion! However, it appears that the writers of the Simpsons TV Show had already successfully predicted the outcome 14 years earlier.

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