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5 Unique Boutiques in Mumbai That Will Finally Satiate the Boho in You

Check out these boutiques for some amazing boho finds!

While street shopping in India is a colouful delight, with all kinds of trinkets and rare finds, boutiques are an entirely different story. If you’re someone who has always been a bohemian at heart, then get your bead chain donned, loose-sleeve wearing, 1960’s ass to any one of these wonderful boutiques in Bombay. From free-flowing printed dresses to fringe adorned accessories, these places have it all.

1. Mela 

Where: Bandra, Andheri

Mela is a bohemian/ethnic boutique that is pretty much a boho enthusiast’s vibrant paradise. We imagine this is what Zeenat Aman’s wardrobe looked like in her Dum Maaro Dum days. From Afghan pants to uber-chic dresses, this boutique covers every corner of the hippie/bohemian culture.

2. Attic

Where: Colaba

Contrary to its name, Attic is a spacious boutique in Colaba. If you dig urban boho looks, you’ve found the place of your dreams. Attic has some of the best bohemian clothing we’ve seen in Bombay so far. Apart from funky apparel, they also have a wide range of furnishings and decor you can explore, all products maintaining the patented aesthetic of the brand.

3. Parvati Villa

Where: Colaba

Parvati Villa, true to its name, is all about evoking the “devi” energy through their products. Influenced by traditional Indian artistry, their clothes are the perfect blend of ethnic and bohemian. Their most popular products include their unique “shakti” accessories, which symbolise the unwavering female strength. Take a look at it below.

4. Chola the Label 

Where: Bandra

More avant-garde than other Indian boutiques, Chola the Label is truly idiosyncratic in its own right. Their style is minimalistic, featuring monochrome shades and bohemian undertones. If you like clothes that are a combination of grunge and boheme, then this boutique is perfect for you.

5. LataSita

Where: Pop-ups in Mumbai

While LataSita isn’t technically a boutique in Bombay, this Calcutta-based brand does visit the city often. You can find their designs at exhibitions, pop-ups, and even music/culture festivals. They have the remarkable ability to turn traditional and otherwise ordinary Indian prints into extraordinary modern, boho-inspired designs. Keep tabs on their Facebook page to know when they come to your city next!

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