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5 Unmistakable Signs That You’re Mature for Your Age

It’s okay to be a little wiser than everyone else.

Everybody has a different way of growing up. Most of us grow up surrounded by people like us whom we share thoughts, ideas, and interests with. For some, it’s a little harder to make that connection with our peers, simply because we’re growing up at a much higher rate than they are. In an age of digital media and instant gratification, if you feel like you’re far away from everyone your age, you might be one of the few special people whose minds grew up faster than their bodies. Here are a few signs that will tell you if you’re mature for your age:

1. The current style of partying doesn’t excite you anymore.

Your friends often invite you out drinking and clubbing and to cause all sorts of mayhem. Going to clubs and drinking away your woes was fun for a short period of time, but once your curiosity about this lifestyle was sated, you didn’t bother going back for seconds. You still love being social and going out but you can’t live that lifestyle of relentless parties anymore, even if everyone around you who is your age can.

2. You’ve learnt the value of a night spent in.

Once upon a time, Friday nights with no plans were a blasphemy. Now, you feel blessed if you can catch a night in with some good food to catch up on all the Netflix shows that you’ve been meaning to watch. This doesn’t mean that you’re more inclined to introversion now, only that you know exactly the kind of social interactions you like and don’t need to bother with the ones you don’t. Besides, any free time you get now is more valuable. You’re more than happy to binge-watch Game of Thrones in bed as your peers party somewhere “lit.”

3. You’ve always connected better with people older than you.

You have friends of your age, but the strongest connections and bonds you’ve formed have always been with people older than yourself. Whether it’s a familial bond, a friendly bond or a romantic bond, something about people older than you resonates within you. It puts you at ease and gives you a sense of order and understanding. Don’t worry, my mature friend, you can still befriend people your age. Just wait for them to catch up with you.

4. You feel distant from the drama of your friend circle.

Most of milennial friend circles have enough drama to sustain a reality TV show and your friends are no different. But things that used to seem like intriguing bits of gossip and drama that was once exciting seems far away now. You can’t get yourself to indulge in these antics. Not because you think they’re not worthy of your attention, but simply because you don’t have enough mental space, bandwidth, or interest in them anymore.

5. People often come to you for advice.

This one is a dead giveaway. If you’re the confidant of more than one or two of your friends, then you’re clearly someone people around you see as a level-headed and wise person. People only seek advice from those who seem like they have their life figured out. This may not necessarily be true for you, but it only goes to show that you know how to handle most things that come your way and people of all ages love to get your input on their problems.

Are you someone who has experienced these signs? Tell us your story in the comments below! 

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