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6 DIY Coachella-Inspired Looks You Can Pull off Last Minute

These looks are perfect for the phenomenal edge you need in little time!

6 DIY Coachella Fashion

Maybe Coachella once was all about the music, but not anymore. There’s one thing about Coachella that overshadows all others, and that’s the fashion. Whether it’s talk of cultural appropriation with bindis and headgears or the latest looks picked out by the Jenner sisters, everyone wants a piece of the action. If you just made last minute plans and want to add that Coachella-esque boho edge to your look without spending time or (much) money, check some of these DIY styles out!

1. This Uber-Gypsy Hairdo

For when you don’t have time for super complicated hair makeovers, this look is perfect. You can wear it for a concert, music festival or simply to add some spunk to your daily look. Freckled Fox demonstrates how to do it in a few easy steps, click on the images below to find out how.

2. This DIY Fringe Vest

Tassels are all the rage this summer, especially at music gigs and festivals. Follow some easy steps to achieve this super cute fringe vest. All you will need is a viable T-shirt, some scissors, and the ability to cut along a line. (I know, it’s easier said than done.)

3. This Simple But Chic Head Chain

We’ve all seen ornamental head chains sported by celebrities at Coachella online. Another very Indian-inspired accessory that adds an undeniable edge to your look, this chain is not only a game-changer but also quite easy to DIY. Check out the tutorial to find out how.

4. This Super Easy Fringe Top

This last resort top actually makes for a pretty good hack to transform mundane T-shirts into fashionable apparel. Again, you won’t need much, save a T-shirt and some scissors. It’s both comfortable and trendy, and can also be worn on a daily basis after your weekend has wrapped up. Check out the tutorial to find out how to create this perfection.

5. This Flawless No-Sew Skirt

We can all agree that regardless of whether we have good sewing skills or not, it’s the most tedious part of DIY. This idiosyncratic skirt saves you the trouble of sewing and looks deceptively complicated. The end result looks amazing though, so it’s a win-win situation. Take a look at the tutorial for more info!

6. These Cute-Ass Cut Offs

Cut-offs are pretty commonplace at this point, but this lace-trimmed design adds a new twist to the look, taking it to a whole new level. White lace goes beautifully with the whole bohemian aesthetic, and making these cut-offs is also pretty easy. Check it out!

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