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7 Indian Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram Immediately

Here’s all the mid-week inspiration you need to get through the day!

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The art scene in India is as brilliant as it is underrated. It’s a cauldron of talent with little mainstream recognition. In the spirit of all the incredible artists out there, here’s a list of Indian artists and their Instagram accounts that you need to follow right now, to discover some fierce art in your feed every now and then. From chic pastel aesthetics to bold feminist illustrations, these artists will impress creators and enthusiasts alike.

1. Sarah Modak (@sarah.drawws)

Sarah Modak is a student/artist from Mumbai. A fledgeling compared to her peers on this list, she displays some incredible raw talent. Her sketches on Instagram are some of the most honest and soulful ones we’ve seen. She usually illustrates portraits on paper.


2. Jayesh Joshi (@jaymanshere)

Jayesh Joshi is an artist from Bangalore. He works on both, paper and pixels — and on both mediums, his work is equally stunning. Here you can see two of his paintings from a religious series that portrays our gods in unconventional ways. You should definitely follow him on Instagram, and while you’re at it, take a look at his Tumblr — we insist.


3. Asfa Sabrin (@asfasabrin)

Asfa Sabrin is a truly exceptional artist, and perhaps our favourite on this list. Her imaginative art is both uplifting and moving. The Assam based artist has an undeniable knack for capturing human emotion and vulnerability through her work. If you don’t follow her already, you need to get on that now.


4. Sarah Naqvi (@naqvi_sarah)

Sarah Naqvi is a student at the International Institute of Design — according to her instagram — who also happens to be a badass with a pencil and paper. Sarah’s art is both unique and entrancing, with jagged, unabashed edges and feminist undertones. Take a look at her avant-garde style below.


5. Avinash Jai Singh (@daakujaisingh)

Avinash Jai Singh is a visual artist and photographer based in Mumbai. His work is usually colourful, a little psychedelic, and a lot thought-provoking in the best way. You’ll have a remarkable collection of abstract art in your Instagram feed if you follow his account. Go do it now!


6. Arushi Kathuria (@swineflew_who)

Arushi is an animator/illustrator from Mumbai. Her work is conceptual, abstract, and just a little bit alternative with a badass edge. If you like abstract art with pop culture influences that promises to make you smile, then you should definitely check out her Instagram – it’s pretty amazing.


7. Aaron Pinto (@kidsquidy)

Mumbai-based illustrator Aaron Pinto has incredible skill when it comes to digital artistry. Innovative and inspiring, his work is quintessential to the otherworldly ethos so many artists today are trying to achieve. Take a look at these illustrations from a visually captivating series her did below.

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