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7 Indian Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram Immediately

This is the quickest way to get inspired!

7 Indian Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is an extremely powerful tool for photographers and visual artists everywhere. Not only is your art reaching thousands, and potentially even millions of people, but there’s also a community of other artists like you that are a mere click away. The platform has its downsides, like all social media, but if you’re looking to elevate your Instagram feed with a blend of eclectic homegrown photographers, look no further.

1. Avinash Jai Singh

Avinash Jai Singh is a visual artist and photographer based in Mumbai. Those who follow TEDx seminars may recognise him from his recent talk in New Delhi. A look at his Instagram shows the delicate contrast between the placebic urban hunger and the simplicity of life in rural India, more recently in Kashmir. We love the soulful portraits and the experimental textures that litter his photography account, and we think you will too. Take a look.


2. Nikhita Kotru

Nikhita Kotru is a photographer from New Delhi. Her work usually leans towards fashion and wedding photography, with a few breathtaking portraits thrown in. She photographed a series documenting eating disorders in a beautiful unsettling way, you can get a glimpse of it here. Follow her Instagram for some great fashion portraits in your feed along with truly aspirational wedding photography.


3. Bikramjit Bose

Born and raised in Kolkata, Bikramjit Bose moved to Mumbai in 2008 to pursue photography. Today, he lives in New Delhi and has shot editorial projects for publications such as Vogue, GQ India,Marie Claire, Rolling Stone, and more. His Instagram is an archipelago of visually narrative portraits. Capturing black and white imagery in unique ways, Bose’s work is both moving and effortlessly cool.


4. Hashim Badani

Hashim Badani is a photographer based in Mumbai. Every photograph on his Instagram tells a story, a tale about the quintessence of urban life. His work with light and glass and shadow is both mesmerising and inspiring. Take a look at some of his photographs below.


5. Arjun Menon

Arjun Menon’s photography has an undeniably cataclysmic quality to it. The Mumbai-based photographer documents his travels and the fine arts through a lens. His work has been featured in many major publications, including Conde Nast Traveller, Vogue India, and more. Follow his Instagram for some beautiful travel photography in your feed.


6. Nadiya Marwah

Nadiya Marwah is a Toronto-based photographer. Usually capturing weddings in unique and intimate lights, Nadiya’s Instagram is full of interesting photographs. Her whimsicality is one of the best elements in her photography and her blog, where she talks about “Bob,” her Canon 6D camera, saying, “Bob and I want to together capture real, loving, genuine, the little things and the big stories for you.”


7. Shivaji Storm Sen

Shivaji Storm Sen is a Mumbai-based photographer and visual artist. His subjects usually include fine arts and fashion, sometimes amalgamating the two seamlessly. Sen’s photographs have a sense of barely contained chaos and drama that works beautifully. Follow his Instagram for eclectic images in your feed every other day.

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