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Check Out These Open-Air Movie Screenings That Are Lighting up Bombay

For all you lucky people in the ‘burbs, go check these out!

Open-Air Movie Screenings

For those of you who aren’t about the chaotic Bombay nightlife, we have some good news. Juhu is hosting two open-air movie screenings this April. Picture soft summer breeze near the beach while you relax on a blanket with your friends/SO watching timeless classics.

The first event, known as the Movies & Chill Festival will be hosted at Razzberry Rhinoceros from April 21 to 23. To make the experience more immersive, there will will themed cocktails and decor, a photobooth, and much more. You can find tickets here! They will be screening Pretty Woman, The Usual Suspects, and Kill Bill on April 21, 22, and 23 consecutively.

Source: SteppinOut Movie Nights/Facebook

The second event takes place in Novotel Hotel on April 30. Romedy NOW, in association with SteppinOut Movie Nights, is bringing some of the most adored romantic comedies to Mumbai on the big screen. They already had a previous edition a couple of weeks ago where Pulp Fiction was screened. Make a night of it with your friends or a date with your significant other. Either way, it’s a great way to spend your weekend. There’s a poll to determine which movie will be screened at the event. (The Proposal and Pretty Woman are currently in the lead!) You can find tickets for the same here.

We don’t know why this is the new trend in Bombay festivals, but we’re definitely on board with it. Keep tabs on Fondlist for more content like this!

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