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Here’s Why Artists Make the Greatest Friends

They’re not all the broody eccentrics that pop culture makes them out to be.

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It’s no secret that creative people are the quirky, avant-garde black sheep of society, especially artists more so than other kinds of creative people. They’re the wild cards in an otherwise predictable world; the enigmatic folk books and movies love to romanticize as moody or eccentric. But if you don’t have a close friend who’s an artist (we’re talking about anyone who creates visual art on any medium), what you probably didn’t know is that they make the greatest friends. So here’s a few — of many — reasons why it’s the best to be friends with an artist. Hint: getting free art is not one of them.

1. They have a different way of viewing the world.

There are several studies that show how artists are wired neurologically different from other people. This article talks about how artists have more grey matter in the area of the brain that’s possibly linked to controlling your mind’s eye for visual creativity. But even in more psychological terms, artists are more observant and perceptive than most people. Their passion forces them to see regular, everyday things from different angles. Being friends with someone like that, you’re sure to get a unique perspective and opinion on things.

Source: Sébastien Del Grosso

2. They’re more empathetic.

There are so many artists that embody the quintessential dichotomy between the extroversion and sensitivity. It can be hard to believe that these seemingly confident people who bravely put their work out there can be emotional sponges. But the best art comes from deeply emotional places, and many artists are, in fact, more in touch with their emotions than the majority of people. This makes them sensitive to their own and other people’s emotions, making them quite empathetic friends.

Source: Pinterest

3. They’re adventurous.

Creative minds are always looking to discover and explore new things, and artists are no different in this aspect. Many also believe that artists get bored more easily than most people in environments that don’t challenge them, which makes them even more likely to looking for something thrilling to do. Your artist friend will most likely be up for any new and exciting experience, granted they get to carry their sketchbook along.

Source: northtosouth.us

4. They’ll introduce you to cool (and often weird) things.

Artsy people have lives just as busy as everyone else’s — contrary to popular belief — but they find time to develop deep interests in the most diverse and sometimes random things. Be it a keen obsession with Korean pop music, anime, or some obscure novelist you’ve never heard of, you can count on your artist friend to introduce you to some of the most strange and wonderful things in life.

Source: Pinterest

5. They’re rule-breakers

In every creative person lies a rebellious urge; an urge to defy and break societal conforms. This is why artists are dreamers. Their instinct is to be unconventional and think outside the paradigm of normalcy. We’re not saying that artists don’t follow any rules, we just mean that they’d rather create their own than follow the ones that they’re “supposed to.” Which is why having a friend with a no-holds-barred attitude makes for some great stories and experiences.

Source: Sylvain Reygaerts

If you do have a friend who’s an artist, appreciate them! And for the love of all things Holy, stop asking them to do portraits of you.

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