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Here’s Why You Need to Sign This Petition to Save the Poisar River

The once-beautiful water body is now a cesspool of toxic waste.

It’s no secret that Mumbai is a polluted city. It’s growing at a pace that makes it hard for even the environment around it to keep up. You may know about Poisar, one of the four main rivers that run through the city of Mumbai. What you may not know, is that this once majestic body of water is now a cesspool of pollution and toxic waste, spewing filth and disease to any and all locations near it.

According to The Environmental Policy and Research India (EPRI), Poisar River is polluted 100 times over the safety limit which deems it unsafe to any life that resides in and around it. The main cause for the current state of the river is cited as waste disposal into the river that hinders the flow and defecation by children and adults due to the lack of toilets in the area. In its current state, it can cause a number of skin diseases for humans and is beyond the point of being able to support aquatic life, due to the low oxygen levels below the water surface. 

We can deal with the daily influx of transport pollution. We can deal with the vast clouds smoke during our beloved festival of Diwali. But we cannot and will not let this dying river — which once brought beauty and joy to Mumbai and its people — get destroyed, damaging our land and health along the way. Fortunately, change is already on its way. In 2011, a movement called the ‘River March’ was initiated. Beginning with a handful of volunteers, the movement worked with ‘clean the rivers’ as their prime agenda. You can also sign this Change.org petition which proposes a five-year plan including the construction of box drains on both sides of the river to carry the discharge, construction of a dam at the origin, development of open spaces around the river, rehabilitation and resettlement of the slum areas and lastly construction of check dams to control the velocity of the river.

If you care about the future of your city, make a change. You can sign the petition here!

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