Lessons on Womanhood, from Amruta Fadnavis to Deepika Padukone

Lessons on Womanhood, from Amruta Fadnavis to Deepika Padukone

On a recent television debate on the topic of law and order in the state in the backdrop of crime against women in the country, congress spokesperson Al-Naseer Zakaria made a terribly sexist comment criticizing the dress Amruta Fadnavis wore for her recent album “Phir Se..”. The lady Amruta Fadnavis is a banker, social activist, singer and the wife of Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis. This only throws spotlight on the fact that women are nowhere safe, no matter where you are sitting. You could be the president’s daughter or the road-side vegetable seller, being a woman in this country comes with the warranty card of “living with apology”. She is judged and subjected to harassment every day on what she wears to what she don’t. The ridiculousness of the situation is such that some politicians (read country leaders) have even blamed the victim for getting raped, because of course men of this country are ‘entitled to violate’ and it is the responsibility of the lady to protect herself by wearing suits of armor. The cure for rape culture in any country is education, but in this country the cure for rape culture would be distributing chastity armor belts to all women the moment they are born (Because infant rape is also not a Latin concept in India).

“He was slammed by other panelists and when he refused to apologize he was asked to quit the show. His comments have now been beeped out of the show’s online video. While the Fadnavis family didn’t comment, women and male workers from BJP expressed outrage.” – These were the quotes a reputed daily quoted in the news article. My question to Al-Naseer Zakaria is that being a professor of political science, (and the son of the education minister of Maharashtra in the year 1993) he feels no shame in publicly slamming a woman, or an individual for that matter. Well of course the wardrobe of a person is of crucial national importance here, where we are discussing the rape and murder of 25-year-old physiotherapist. On top of that he doesn’t even have the decency of apologizing.

My second question, why are only the male and women workers of BJP expressing outrage. A man or a woman belongs to no political party. Why can’t women be awarded the basic dignity a human being deserves?

Amruta Fadnavis aptly replied to the comment by saying ‘nobody has the right to question my personal choice.’ But the alarming reply to Amruta’s answer came from the journalist who finished off her interview by asking her the question “But there are several women out there, who give up their dressing style, career or lifestyle when someone mocks them or makes cheap remarks…” The sheer love for gossip and yellow journalism in our country gives rise to such sleazy and baseless questions which have no base or direction. I believe being a journalist comes with a huge responsibility, as you are the one educating your readers about what is happening in your country, and what a wonderful way to educate the women by reminding them that several women shy away after they face criticism, aren’t you one of them who would give up your career, dressing style or lifestyle? I want to know what she was thinking before asking this question to Amruta Fadnavis.

Then again, what more to expect from the news publishing house that promotes writing of derogatory and obscene titles to the videos of Bollywood Actresses in order to get more “Likes” and “Views”? Instead of apologizing they even went a step ahead and wrote another article “Dear Deepika, our point of view…” and really they had shittier point of view and no sense or logic in their argument. The much “publicized” news group house who are known for “promoting” the movie with a “modest” fees points finger to Deepika for doing the same. (How dare she!) It’s okay if we write about her cleavage but how dare she raise an objection when her film is about to get released?! This is unethical in the most Times of India way! To add the cherry on the cake, they AGAIN shared the link to video, and some other photos of her which she had shot for some other magazine! How dare she!!! tsk! tsk!

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