Office Romance- A Dangerous Game With High Stakes.

Consider this, you are locked in a place where you spent the best portion of your day working. On most occasions, you are surrounded by the four walls and a computer screen, right in front of you. At some point of time, your mind will crave distractions.

Office Romance is considered to be a very common subject in most industries. Barack and Michelle Obama, who met at a Chicago law firm in 1989. At the time, when he was a summer associate having her as his supervisor were certainly not alone. When you spend eight or nine hours a day with the same group of people, you’re likely to form close bonds and friendship.  

In the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’, Barney Stinson had introduced the viewers with the concept “The Mermaid Theory”. According to the theory, people are likely to get attracted to each other just by spending some time together. When an individual spends a lot of time with someone, the more likely he or she will get attracted to that person. Most scientists termed this effect as “The Exposure Effect”. So on most occasions, the aforementioned ‘other’ doesn’t needs to be a dead drop gorgeous. As long as they look decent, the chances are, one might be attracted to them.

But office romance is a dangerous game. Even though there are some flings that turn into relationships, which may turn into marriage, most of them doesn’t work out. A study by Society for Human Resource Management shows that between 40-47 percent of employees across the world have been involved in one such relationships. More than 20 percent have suggested receptiveness.  

Being involved in office romance has its own Pros, like one may get all the motivation in the world to come to office with their mentality all shaped up positive. Which can be a big bonus for any organization. While seeing someone in the office can be very fulfilling on an emotional level but that can also be like putting all the eggs in one basket. If their relation does go south, then they become the main story in the office gossip mill. Not to mention that a complete breakdown in their relationship could also result in inefficiency at work. The worst case scenario could be if either or both of them could leave the organization.

A relationship is simply a way to connect and share the emotions that one feels in day to day life. It fills the void and fulfills the need for emotional support. Further a relationship can boost the morale of a person. When a depleting feeling of self-esteem and confidence arises, always there will be a need for someone to support, hence justifying the relationships in the workplace. So even though the romance at workplace is here to stay, one must carefully assess their choices before jumping into such situations, which could be pernicious for their careers.

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