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Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai competes against underdog Gujarati film!

Salman Khan’s latest movie ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ has enjoyed almost two weeks of being a blockbuster hit that soared across the box office, winning over audiences who worship the famed actor in all his glory. However, there was another movie that released in cinemas just a week later, turning heads at every cinema it premiered at which garnered the attention of people of all ages.

What is Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye all about?

Directed and produced by Dipesh Shah, Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye is a film that has promised to change the way one views their values, their family and the depths that they would go to achieve success. The plot of the movie centers around an upper-class, patriarchal Indian who have lived their lives in the arms of luxury and comfort. However, their lives seem to take a turn for the worse as the arrival of a huge business loss presents them with the threat of losing their status, respect, lifestyle and bonding as a family. The actions each member is forced to take would thereby prove to be detrimental to their own future within the family.

Watch the trailer here.

What have people said about it so far?

With a runtime of over 2 hours, the movie has received an abundance of positive reviews from everyone who bore witness to Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye’s story. Actress Sucheta Trivedi says “The movie is really wonderful and true to the heart. It needs all the support it can get for all the positivity that it spreads.” Alongside other reviews, the movie has been noted by the audiences of Ahmedabad as the “complete family entertainment”.

Here is what seasoned actress Saritha Joshi had to say about the movie

Here is what the fans had to say about the movie

Why should you go and watch the movie?

As a motion picture that is suited for audiences of all ages, Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye challenges your core beliefs while taking you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. The classic story of a family sinking into its deepest depths only to rise again is one that has been told in different variations across the decades. However, the inner twists and turns of the plot guarantee a refreshing experience which would make you question your very beliefs; not forgetting the noteworthy dialogues that stay ever present throughout the duration of the movie. 

As you can see for yourself, cinemas all across the city of Mumbai are hosting housefull shows!

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Take our word for it, this is not a movie you would want to miss out on.

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