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Thank You Raunak Group for Restoring Our Faith in Humanity

It started with a viral video and ended in the best way possible!

We have good news! It’s been several weeks since the hilarious — albeit enlightening — video of Mr. Akash surfaced on the internet. The video showed Mr. Akash, an understandably irate Indian who ranted ceaselessly about the many futile difficulties a person who wishes to purchase a home in our country faces. The video caught the attention of many fellow Indians and it wasn’t long before Twitterverse exploded with responses from people all over the country.

Looks like the internet can do some good after all, because thanks to the virality of the video, Raunak Group noticed the plight of Mr. Akash and decided to solve his home-purchasing problems for him. Mr Shyamal Mody from Raunak Group, a successful real estate company, got in touch with our angry home buyer via Twitter, asking for his contact details, and proceeded to make an incredible offer to him. You can see what happened next in the video below.

We’re extremely stoked that a video of a seemingly anonymous ranting guy ended up with a happy ending and definitely hope to see other real estate organisations take cues from Raunak Group. Looks like there’s no more #GharKaDarr! Stay tuned for more content like this exclusively on Fondlist.

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