This Design Studio Is All about Creating a Wholesome Work Environment & We’re on Board

Graphics Beyond may be changing Indian work culture for good.

Most adults spend a good chunk of their lives at work. We go to work as an obligation for getting paid and count moments until we can be back home. In a survey of more than 500 HR managers, the majority strongly supported promoting fun in the office, noting that a positive environment benefits not only individual employees but the organization as a whole. Graphics Beyond, a signage and wayfinding design studio is trying to imbibe this ideology within their work culture.

A “positive” work environment can be nurtured by celebrating small achievements, birthdays, and holidays, but also by creating an atmosphere that encourages creativity and innovation. Graphics Beyond released a video highlighting the ethos of the company and their work culture. You can watch it below.

As you can hear Baarish, the co-founder of Graphics Beyond cite in this video, an individual’s passions, interests, and influences — all merge together to play a paramount role in their creative process and are essential to maintaining a positive work environment. “Teamwork” as an abstract concept is something we all grasp, but to actually understand everyone you work with and form a well-oiled machine is another matter entirely. According to Forbes magazine, an experiment conducted by the Social Market Foundation at the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy addressed this question. Organizers randomly selected 700 individuals and either showed them a series of 10-minute comedy clips or provided them with refreshments. After confirming that the clips and refreshments indeed made the individuals happy, their productivity was tracked after assigning them various tasks. For those individuals who received the “happiness shocks,” their productivity increased by an average of 12 percent and, in some cases, rose as high as 20 percent.

So whether you’re the CEO of a company or an intern, remember to add a dose of fun to your work day. Find a great place to be in. Graphics Beyond seems to be on to something with their work culture. Now it’s time for other organizations to take notes.

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