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This Game of Thrones Inspired Sangeet is Every Indian Fan’s Dream Come True

There are dragon eggs, legendary swords, and the Iron Throne, of course.

Weddings are traumatic affairs in the world of Game of Thrones, but in real-life, Game of Thrones themed weddings can be downright beautiful. Shaurya and Sanjana Mehta, a couple from Mumbai decided to have a Game of Thrones inspired sangeet event. “I was trying to be as creative as possible but also had to keep in mind that it was doable and practical,” says Shaurya, “We had to strike the right balance between Game of Thrones and a Punjabi family’s Sangeet & Cocktail to ensure that everyone enjoyed the evening.” And it seems like they did! Take a look at the photographs below.

From Dany’s dragon eggs and an Iron Throne replica to a target practice bullseye with Joffrey’s face, they didn’t spare any details. Themed weddings are can be a difficult affair, especially since not everyone harbours such adoration for a fandom, but it’s so much easier when your family agrees to play along.

“Another thing I will remember from the night is our entrance with our closest friends & family holding up swords which gave us the feeling of walking through a tunnel while a few men and women guided us with flaming torches & sigils and the ‘Winds of Winter’ track from Game of Thrones played in the background,” says Shaurya.

This is one of the most creative sangeet events we’ve seen. We wish a happy marriage to Shaurya and Sanjana with blessings from the Old Gods and the New!

[Photographs via: Reels & Frames]

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