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This Kerala Bar Just Built a 300 Metre Maze to Evade the Liquor Ban

They’ve probably discovered the most creative loophole in the law.

Amaze from Kerala Bar Maze

According to the ban enforced by the Supreme Court, liquor shops and bars aren’t allowed to sell liquor 500 metres from the state and national highways. While this may seem like a sensible call, it has caused many establishments to go out of business. A seemingly dedicated and undeniably creative “restobar” in North Paravur, Kerala, has found an ingenious way to evade this bill.

The establishment has built a 250 metre-long maze around it that leads to the actual entrance of the bar. Take a look at it in the picture below.

The construction of the maze apparently caused the place about two lakh rupees. The owner of the establishment known as Aishwarya Restobar says,

“Since our bar situated on NH-17, the new rules apply to us. But now we can say that we are not situated within 500 metres from the highway.”

This does seem like a clever solution, yes. But is it feasible? Only time will tell, we suppose.

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