Valentine’s Day: A day of Love for All?

Valentine’s day; a day that both the singles and committed eagerly dread and wait for in equal measure. It gives the singles the chance to work up their nerve and ask the question, while on the other hand, those who are already committed are happily celebrating their undying love for their significant other. In any case, the pressure to make a move is quite real.

However, do we all have the right to celebrate love? Are we all free to confess what we feel like? The answer here should be a resounding yes! Yet, you will be surprised that not all of us have been given the right to do so. The LGBTQA+ community in India has been looked down upon in our country for decades, facing severe discrimination to a point where a select few would prefer the comfort of their own homes as compared to stepping out in public to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


In a country that is rich in culture and diversity, we are often told that everything can be cured through treatments of various kinds, thereby resulting in the man-made rewiring of our cognitive abilities. Hence, it’s quite liberating to see when such kinds of biases are challenged by those who are willing to stand up for what is right.

Insomniacs, a digital agency, have taken it upon themselves to bring to light the struggles that members of this diverse community face, highlighting the truth that the emotion of love is meant for everyone.

See what they have to say and share the message, because no matter what God we believe in, we come from the same one.

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