Vir Das said respect women! Really? #soVIRofyou #Weirdass

Vir Das in the new He Deodorant ad campaign vs What he did really!

Vir Das #HERespect- Fondlist

Vir Das is an Indian Bollywood actor and comedian. This publicity monger also runs his very own a comedy consultancy website called “weirdass.com” who’s logo pays a huge respect and tribute to all the women, he respects.

In his Ad campaign for He Deodorants, he preaches and advice’s to respect women and spray respect, but we are really not sure what he really wants us to spray them with.

To prove his point further, he even went a step ahead and acted in a film with “straight forward” dialogues and with feminist names of females protagonist, Lily Lele and Laila Lele played by the “torch bearer” and the “most respected” women in the world – Mrs. Sunny Leone, who painfully danced to a song with quite enlightening lyrics that celebrates all aspects of womenhood; “LAILA TERI LE LEGI, TU LIKH KE LELE” #HowAmazing.

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