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WATCH: This Man Goes Nuts on Camera Because He Can’t Find a Home

We may have just discovered the angriest man in India. #GharKaDarr

Man Goes Nuts on Camera Because He Can't Find a Home

Everyone knows that the process of purchasing a new home can be a bit of a hassle, but it seems like Akash knows it a little too well. In an angry rant video that recently surfaced, Akash doesn’t hold himself back as he lists the many plights and trials a home-buyer goes through before actually purchasing the house. What’s a simple Indian supposed to do? Rant about it on camera, of course!

This angry individual’s frustration with the real estate community seems legit, but the question still remains. Who is Akash? He seems like a hardworking person who, according to the hints dropped in the video, may have a family. We don’t have much information right now, apart from his first name. Either way, Akash seems to have created some pretty iconic dialogues along the way.

For now, he seems to be a source of great amusement to the internet. It’s somewhat hard to stop watching his passionate rants and aggravated gestures. Here’s to hoping that something good actually comes out of the presence of this video on the internet. Maybe Hiranandani Developers or a similar organisation will take notice of this man and get him the home he needs and deserves. (Ahem.) We already know that the internet has the power to change things. Let’s hope we can actually make something happen! #FindAkashAHome

Meanwhile, you can watch the full video below!

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