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Who is Azor Ahai? The Strongest Contenders on Game of Thrones Right Now

Even apart from Daenerys and Jon, there are several other Azor Ahai contenders.

The fifth epochal episode of Game of Thrones season seven just came out and it only made us realize how close to the end we really are. With only two more episodes from this season, and six final episodes from the next one to go, the prophecy of Azor Ahai is a looming presence over our heads. In the books, Azor Ahai (sometimes perceived as The Prince That Was Promised, AA’s reincarnation) is an ancient prophesied Savior who will end the war. Not just anyone can be Azor Ahai; there are certain stipulations. Namely:

1. He or she must be born under a bleeding star amidst salt and smoke,
2. He must wield a flaming sword (forged with mystical magic after plunging it through the heart of his wife, Nissa Nissa),
3. And he should have the power to wake the dragons from stone.

There are more uber-specific conditions that accompany these, but we won’t get into that now. Let’s take a look at the potential Azor Ahai contenders from where we are in the show currently.



Daenerys Targaryen

On the surface, Dany is the perfect Azor Ahai contender, nearly beyond the shadow of a doubt. Nearly. (Re)born under a bleeding star? Check. Salt and smoke? Check. Brought dragons to life? Check. All of these things happened during the final episode of Game of Thrones season one when she stepped through the ashes of Khal Drogo’s pyre; Unburnt and with three dragons. She even fits some of the stipulations for The Prince That Was Promised. But given the mercurial story lines of Thrones so far, Dany might just be GRRM’s ploy to distract us from the actual, more unexpected answer. Which brings us to the next contender.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow’s character makes a very strong case for The Prince That Was Promised. He is the child of “ice and fire.” (Lyanna Stark was his mother and Rhaegar Targaryen was his father.) Not to mention his connection with the Red God — who brought him back to life — his doomed love affair with Ygritte, which totally fits in with the prophecy, and his infamous sword Longclaw that can slay White Walkers. Now, all we need is Jon to bring a dragon to life from stone.

Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister is one of the most complex characters on the show. He’s constantly torn between wanting to be a good guy and wanting to be loyal to his sister/lover Cersei, Mad Queen in the making. The way Jaime’s character arc is progressing, it’s possible that Jaime could after all be Azor Ahai or TPTWP. Here’s an excerpt from the Reddit theory that suggests Jaime will kill Cersei, “Killing Cersei will finish Jaime’s “blade” by removing her corrupting influence permanently. The importance of this event is highlighted by one sign of Azor Ahai revealing itself. The symbol for the Faith Militant is the red star. I believe the “bleeding red star” is a reference to the mass murder of the Faith Militant which occurred at the Sept of Baelor; a clue is given to us here.” You can read the full theory here.

Tyrion Lannister

The theory that Tyrion Lannister is Azor Ahai ties in nicely with the theory that Tyrion is (also) a Targaryen. Many believe that Tyrion is actually the illegitimate son of the Mad King. Not to mention the fact that Tyrion did kill the woman he loved, all Nissa Nissa style and does have an affinity for dragons. This could be confirmation bias on the fans’ part, but it’s pretty cool to think about.

Bran Stark

Bran definitely has a important and mystical role to play in the Great War to come, but his story arc makes the weakest case for Azor Ahai or TPTWP. However, there is a compelling theory on Reddit that talks about how Jon Snow is his flaming sword (Lightbringer) and Catelyn Stark is Nissa Nissa. Read it here.

There are only two episodes to go for the second-last season of Thrones, but we’re still left guessing after the fundamental answers about the series! Follow Fondlist for more content like this.

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